AKA - Karl von Shotz

John Anson (born April 7, 1949) is a Canadian retired professional wrestler, know living his life in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Known by his ring name "Handsome" John Anson, who competed in North American and Japanese promotions from the mid-1960s until the early- 1980s, including International Wrestling, Maple Leaf Wrestling, NWA All-Star Wrestling, Pacific Northwest Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling.

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 As Karl Von Schotz, he and Kurt Von Hess were one of the most hated "heels" in the Detroit-area while feuding with Fred Curry & Tony Marino over the NWA World Tag Team Championship during 1973-74.[1]

After John Anson had arrived from Calgary later that year, the two began teaming together as Kurt Von Hess and Karl Von Schotz and soon rose to the top of the tag team division defeating Jacques Rougeau and Gino Brito for the International Tag Team Championship in September 1972. Often headlining events at Maple Leaf Gardens between October 1972 and September 1973, they would also wrestle in Detroit for promoter Ed Farhat defeating Ben Justice and The Stomper for the NWA World Tag Team Championship on December 9, 1972.

 Sometimes an evil German wrestler can change.

Witness John Anson, aka Karl von Shotz.

After debuting in Calgary's Stampede Wrestling under his real name at age 17 against Ivan Koloff ("30 seconds to defeat," recalled Anson), Anson got the call to go to Montreal, where they needed a German heel. One shaved head later, Anson became Karl von Shotz.

As von Shotz, Anson was a successful tag team wrestler, including multiple reigns as the Detroit version of the NWA tag team champs with Kurt von Hess.

But back home on the west coast, and in Stampede, he was still known as Handsome John Anson.




As a single, his greatest success came in Stampede Wrestling, where he was a two-time North American champ in 1976. He also held titles in Hawaii, Portland, Newfoundland and Japan.

"Stampede was unique," Anson explained. Stu Hart was "an excellent promoter" and wrestlers wanted to come in to the territory to learn and improve their skills. "And Bret Hart used to carry my lunch bag," he laughed.

Anson had four shots at the NWA World Title, against four different champs -- Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr., Gene Kiniski and Harley Race -- but never came away with the belt.

During his 13-year career, Anson went across Canada and the U.S., Hawaii and Japan and wrestled more than 6,000 matches.

"I was one of the few Canadians that went international," explained Anson. "I did a lot of travelling around."

He was almost always a bad guy, and Lord James Blears once called him the world's most hated man. At times, he was managed by Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan and Eddie 'The Brain' Creatchman.

Anson wrestled for the last time in 1983 in Hawaii.

"I got in early, I got out early," said Anson, "There were a lot of tough wrestlers, and it took its toll."

He knows that he quit just a little too soon, as Vince McMahon was about to take the WWF national with the whole rock'n'wrestling connection. "I just quit too soon."

After retiring from wrestling at only 35, Anson lived off the money that he had invested and owned a marina and a resort for a time near Vancouver. Now living in Sosua, Dominican Republic

He did give promoting in Ontario and Newfoundland a try in the '80s with The Sheik (Ed Farhat) and Jack Kane, but didn't stick with it.

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